Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Old Holiday Card...

We had quite an exciting discovery last weekend - Tony found this old holiday card from Elsie de Wolfe to my grandfather, Frederick Victoria! It seems to be from 1950, and shows a super-imposed bust of Lady Mendl between her two dogs, all of which is supper-imposed on a, rather nice, marble mantel piece. Moreover, it confirms Elsie de Wolfe as a pioneer since she appears to have started photoshopping before the program even existed!


  1. This is wonderful! Photomontage, I assume, and a great find.

  2. Clever girl! thanks for sharing this little treasure.pgt

  3. Thank you Blue and Little Augury. It was so strange: when Tony was recently going through his memories of Lady Mendl for your post, I remember him mentioning these cards from her and how they used to freak him out as a child somewhat. Neither of us knew we actually still had one! This must have been from 1949 holidays for the up-coming year of 1950 because she died in mid 1950 I believe.

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  5. What a wonderful post!
    How original she was!
    Have a great Sunday!
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  6. How did she edit the photo if there's no such program before? Hmmm! Well, she did a great job. Nice discovery, btw. Even cards have been changing throughout the times, huh? It's vintage, so it's pretty. It can be added to any antique collection! :D

    Pamella Allabaugh