Thursday, July 15, 2010

Architect's Barstool

We just took these new pic's of our Architect's Barstool in a Bridgehampton Kitchen and wanted to share them. The model was originally used as an architect's bench, hence the name. We used some of these at our kitchen counter at home when I was much younger! The model has always been a favorite of my family so we decided to include it in the "Essential FPV" collection. Hope you like the images!


  1. Thank you Shannon - love this stool! Have a great weeekend.

  2. Freddy, if someone was interested in the stools how would they find out more information. I have a friend who asked.

  3. Oh, well thank you Shannon. They can either get more info on our site, or they can call the office, 718.392.9651. We do have some in stock and the trade price on them is $640 each. If I can help your friend with anything more, please just let me know. Thanks!