Friday, June 25, 2010

Found in the Warehouse

This is one of several headboard models we have floating around the warehouse. Only, when I went to write this post, my father actually informed me that this was an 18th century original that we've had for ages! Not only that, but it's signed by its maker, Jean-Baptiste Lebas, which of course was not always the case. Never know what you'll find.... Have a great weekend!

18th Century Louis XVI Headboard by JB Lebas
Molding detail of 18th Century headboard by Lebas


  1. Thanks Donna! I've walked by this headboard so many times, but when I finally took a close look I was stunned by the carved molding running along the bottom rail. Just have to stop and look sometimes!

  2. Now thats a bed! Remarkable condition for an 18th century bed too.

  3. Thank you, ArchitectDesign. It needs a little attention, but overall it is in good shape. We have another that I plan to put up soon too!

    Enjoy your summer.